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Versatile artist- personality Sotiris Sotiriou was born in Athens. He studied Business Administration and Drama in 1994. At the same time, his love of music took him to attend vocal courses at the school of music. Since 1997, he has been taking voice coaching lessons by certified and well experienced coaches in the music industry.

Since 2006, he has featured in many successful TV Series and films. His first appearance came in the popular TV Series “Erotas”, followed by “Choris Oria”; in various roles succeeding one another throughout the years, culminating in his last appearance in “Prodosies”, leading up to “Thisavros”, which has signaled his entering in the world of Movies.

In the last 4 years, he has defied the stereotype; his taste for venturing into new territories took Sotiris to explore his interests in a wide spectrum, particularly in the areas of music, taking a participating role, daring to communicate his soul; these efforts were released in 3 beautiful songs which have signaled the arrival of something new in the music scene. (“Vythos”,2016 “ San Skia”, 2017 ”Guardian Angel”, 2018). They came out to enthusiastic reviews and audiances- thousands of views on You Yube and Spotify, also gaining great power, played by radios all over Greece and New Yotk. Sotiris has been performing regurarly together with his band on particular stages, his own way -in the right colouring and expressive nuance- gaining positive reviews from the media.

He has befriended numerous great worldwide personalities in the field of drama and music and through his ability to project himself, he has been able to gain a widespread reputation in Greece, Europe and America. He has just set out to perform live in Italy and New York, thus getting ready for his next live show as a solo artist in Manhattan, introducing his latest creation- the fourth on the row- the so-called: “..”, in order to celebrate the Greek Indepedence Day on the 13th of April, just one day before the Greek Parade on the 5th avenue.

Enjoy a unique experience each time during Sotiris live performance, sense the one and only incisive expression of true feelings spoken out together with melodies sung as never before, for ever after..