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There was a man whose fate seemed to be unknown; against all odds, he felt in love with a woman. Nobody knew what fate had in store for them both.

It is true; fantasy worlds can lose their charm at times. Still, there is always a place for the Cinderellas and the Prince Charmings, capturing the dreamlike quality of magic and mystery.

Once upon a time, he set out on his quest journey, wandering around without her. She told him “give me time”; time, a tiny little word prevailing over every single action. Time and space.. running out of them both.

He started to make his way back to the world of living; a rock princess of outstanding beauty had aroused the love of the man, seen as a partial portrait.

He started to lose faith. The struggle for love and trust made him wander the Earth, looking for the lost love. Only a few feet away from the exit, the man turned around to look at her; she was behind him but her shadow was whisked back among the crowd.

Has she gone forever?
“What does a woman want?”

She wants to be more like an undiscovered secret that once she is discovered, the first thing she seems to learn is how to protect her pleasure.

Sassy comebacks and uncomplicated happy endings. Keep lusting for fairytales, all about shifting, the possibility of change.

Out of the blue, she changed her mind; she wanted him back; she took her time and now she was about to face him.

In this before and after story, before she was effectively lying to herself. After the magic transformation of the hero, things are never quite explained. He makes the air of a legend, the combination of opposites reigning his thoughts: Love..Pain..Passion.

Make-ups and break-ups..on-again and off-again relationships.
“I am gonna face you?”
Afraid of..
The same mistake..
Fighting.. the need salvation.. but..
It is the
my fears..
Fine..dry out.. final..still.. wanna.. hold..
Hey, stop it!